History, Mission & Refined Skill-Sets

Pueo Creations is a website design, development and marketing company that excels at the planning and application of effective campaigns and tools to guide businesses to their full potential.

Pueo Creations is based out of Maui, Hawaii, and was founded by Haley Ferguson, to serve as a powerful resource for business owners of all types. The company is a product of Haley's refined skill-sets and passions, including 10+ years of experience in marketing and sales, in a wide variety of industries. 

We have a thorough understanding of how to create and apply various marketing strategies to produce desired results, and excel at high-quality, unique website development, design and management. We love what we do and work well with people and businesses from all industries.

Driven by creativity, motivated by challenges, and inspired by empowering our clients. Success and creativity are circular, let's begin!