Mana Foods Website Design, Development, and Photography By Pueo Creations

Mana Foods is a wonderful Maui company that is a joy to work with, & Pueo Creations Is Honored To Have Designed & Developed Their New Website


I'm so excited to share my latest work, and am proud to have had the opportunity to create Mana Foods new website. Mana is without a doubt my favorite grocery/health food store, and I could not be more of a fan of the way they run their business.

They prioritize local, organic, environmentally conscious practices, are major contributors to the community of Maui, and are overall a wonderful team of people who work extremely hard to make this gem of a store what it is.


I was also incredibly grateful for to have been able to create the entire website through Pueo Creations. All photography for the site was done in house through Pueo Creations Imagery. The stunning images that Matt McDonald took of Mana were a huge asset to this website, and his photography continues to be nothing short of exceptional eye candy. 

Needless to say, creating this website has been truly a joy, and is the type of project that makes me absolutely love the work I do.