This Is What Happens When You Mix Sunski, Good Friends & An Epic Maui Adventure...


In Order To Keep Your Company In A Constant State Of Evolution, It's Critical To Know How To Tap Into Your Source Of Inspiration And Creativity. One Way To Do This Is To Be Able To Identify Companies You Admire, And The Specific Attention Grabbing Qualities That Inspire Creativity And Innovation Within You. 

Discovering, learning about, and highlighting unique, likeminded companies is partially why I decided to include this blog on the Pueo Creations' Website.


Sunski is undoubtably charged by a refined set of adventure inspiring, authentically unique qualities, and is a company worth pausing to check out … They make awesome, high quality, affordable polarized shades, but this isn’t the only reason they stand out ... What makes Sunski unique and worth mentioning? I guess the answer is best summarized in their own words…  

“Sunski started as a way for us to combine our love for the outdoors with our love for design. As Sunski grows, we try to maintain that balance and always stay oriented towards nature…Team Sunski is a growing group of sun-loving adventurers based in San Francisco, CA. We're obsessed with having fun in the outdoors and love making products that promote friendly vibes and adventure. Look for us in the ocean, on the water, up a mountain, or in the woods.” -sunski

I was incredibly lucky to be part of an adventure orchestrated by Sunski. The weekend was a rare combination of road tripping, good friends, Hana, Maui, surfing, cliff jumping, playing and exploring…And the following are pure gems...a short film, and a selection stunning photos, highlighting this glorious trip and all of the beautiful, fun people who made it so unforgettable. 


A huge thank you to the Incredibly Talented and ridiculously fun crew Raja Iliya, Karim Iliya And Jon Spenser. They were the force that made this trip and creative project happen, and are to be be given full credit for all of the photos and the film on this post! And cheers to Sunski for inspiring an Adventurous spirit in all of us. As long as your unique authenticity continues shine then there'll be nothing but success and genuine support to follow!