A Visual Farewell to 2016

〰 With my party favor in hand, a broader perspective, & the following visual farewell to 2016, I'm ready & excited for what's to come 〰 

2016, thank you, and wow! You've been completely full of it- colorful, playful, joyful, tearful, thankful and truly brilliant!

You've delivered a bounty of gifts ... gifts in the form of love, travel, laughter, challenge, change, reward, growth and an ever-increasing appreciation for this incredible planet we have the honor of experiencing.

Stamped into my memory are those precious and deeply personal moments that forced me into the glorious present, and include experiences on Maui, Molokai, Canada and beyond.

With too many to mention, I've narrowed the full collection down to the following sampler set. These captured moments are the little gems that I see when I look back on this past year. They have filled me with gratitude and are a perfect collection of water, nature, travel, varying climates & overwhelming colors! 

I welcome you to take a look, and I hope you enjoy the view!

〰 Sidenote to Matt

Matt, one of the most priceless treasures I discovered during this past year came from you. Your brilliant photography inspires me, and I feel so lucky to be able to showcase your classically stunning images throughout my website. Beyond that, your insatiable quest for creativity has started to significantly enrich my life and shape me into a better version of myself. (Some of Matt's work can be found through his Instagram profile ... take a look sometime, and enjoy!)

The photo collection featured in this post (aside from the moonlight beach photo) is my very own creative expression. It's the first one of this kind that I've publicly shared with pride and excitement.

Simply by you being yourself, I've naturally begun to find my own creative voice. You've given me the desire and courage to charge confidently ahead with so many creative endeavors, ultimately opening up a whole new world for me. The birth and surprising success of Pueo Creations, articles & stories I've written, photos I've taken, and the incredible places you've introduced me to have all been grand pieces of the glorious new lifestyle I've begun to adopt.

So, from me, a humble, amateur photographer in the making, to you, an experienced, talented creativity seeker, I want to say thank you! Thank you so much. And, cheers to creatively moving onward and upward into 2017 and beyond!