The Truth & Nothing But The Truth

With a heavy heart, but a very hopeful spirit, I share the following with you all...

" Trucker Dukes, the youngest of four children, was diagnosed with neuroblastoma in 2014. Trucker, at 19 months old, had a fast-growing tumor in his abdomen and the cancer had spread throughout 50% of his body."
"Three-year-old Trucker has endured multiple rounds of chemotherapy, radiation and life-threatening surgeries trying to rid his little body of this horrible disease. Just before Thanksgiving 2015, almost a year exactly after he was originally diagnosed, doctors at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City discovered a new tumor in his brain."
"The brain tumor was successfully removed  and he is currently on one of the only trials for brain relapse at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center."
"Although the Dukes live on Maui, Hawaii they decided to take Trucker to New York to seek treatment to save his life.  His dad, Joshua Dukes, a Maui Fire Fighter continues to work in Hawaii while Trucker and his mom fly back and forth from Hawaii to New York. The family, including Trucker's three older siblings, are all faced with extreme adversity as they try to save his life."
"Thank you times a million for caring and supporting us in any way you can through the hardest thing we have ever done." -Trucker's mom, Shauna Dukes

The Dukes family has seen an incredible amount of support from the community of Maui and beyond since Trucker was diagnosed. However, I was recently reminded of Trucker's story through the marketing work that I do for Mana Foods, and felt particularly moved to remind the Dukes family just how loved and supported they are. I invite you all to take action in supporting the Dukes family as they do everything in their power to nurse Trucker back to health.

The donations gathered through Mana Foods Bag Credit Program, during the month of December, are all going to the Dukes family to help little Trucker win his battle against Cancer! This means that whenever you bring your own grocery bag to Mana Foods, you receive a bag credit of $0.05 that you can donate.

Over the course of my career I've often been asked if I feel that marketing is generally untruthful messaging used to sway people to spend money in one form or another. And, unfortunately I've often had to reply with a sad "yes", which is one of the main reasons I decided to start my own company.

Starting Pueo Creations Web Design & Marketing meant that I didn't have say yes to that question anymore, and that the type of marketing I got to focus on was simply the voice of truth. To me, marketing is a tool that offers honest insight into companies to attract those who resonate. Marketing is a way to create awareness around situations and people that need support, share stories, give back to the community, and ultimately create something genuinely interesting and beautifully transparent.

Through Pueo Creations, I've had the opportunity to market for Mana Foods. Mana continues to remind me that honest, successful, likeminded, companies do exist, and that the messages sent through marketing can be the truth and nothing but the truth.  

"Fighting cancer puts a strain on all resources. Please consider even a small donation to help cover lost income, medical bills and travel costs. Trucker's home in Hawaii is 4,900 miles from New York City where he is a patient at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Trucker and his mom travel home to Maui in between treatments. Friends are raising money to pay for air travel from Hawaii to New York so Trucker’s dad and siblings can attend a ceremony by the FDNY naming Trucker an honorary firefighter." -Team Trucker

To support the Dukes family, take part in Mana's Bag Credit Program during the month of December AND/OR donate through the following..

  • Donate by clicking on the "Donate To Team Trucker" button. 

  • Text any amount to 808-725-2996. A reply text will have directions to donate.

  • In Hawaii you can visit any Bank of Hawaii branch and donate to the Trucker Dukes Cancer Fund.

My hope is that through Mana Foods, Pueo Creations and so many others, that this family finds themselves continuously surrounded by endless support, love and resources!


By Haley Ferguson

*All photos & video are from Team Trucker