Can Vetiver Grass Heal Our Planet? The Answer Might Just Blow Your Mind and Make Your Day! (written for Mana Foods By Haley Ferguson)

Here's An Article I Was Fortunate Enough To Write For Mana Foods. It Was Absolutely The Most Inspiring Project I've Worked On In A Long Time, And I'm Still Reeling From The Overwhelmingly Positive Feedback That Mana Foods And I Received Via A Wide Variety Of Networks! 

Needless To Say, I Hope That You Enjoy Reading It As Much As I Enjoyed Writing It! Cheers To Mana Foods And Vetiver Farms Hawaii For Leading The Way On So Many Ethical Business Practices! 

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All The Eye Candy You Can Take, An Open Invitation to Shamelessly Binge On!

Professional photography is one of the most important and valued services that we offer at Pueo Creations, which allows us to customize each project, ensuring a visually stunning product with complimentary components. Here is a glimpse into some of our imagery, enjoy!


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Overheard At Mana Foods Short Stories Series Part Two | Blog Content For Mana Foods By Pueo Creations

"Overheard At Mana And So Glad I Did" 

A Blog Series Of Short Stories That I Created To Highlight A Few Of The Interesting, And Often Hilarious, Daily Occurrences That Take Place At Mana Foods!

Here is the second story of this series...

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Portfolio At A Glance ... A List To Choose From!

Our Portfolio is a list of projects that we're proud of and have loved working on, as well as the clients that we're incredibly grateful for! 

Here's this list in a format that allows you to select specific pieces you're interested in without having to scroll through the entire list of portfolio items!  


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Blog Content For Mana Foods: A Glimpse Into Hydro Flask & Their Water Bottles That Stole The Show! ...

With "Colder. Hotter. Longer. Happier" as their slogan, I'd say that they've got their bases covered!

An article about Hydro Flask by Pueo Creations for Mana Foods ... Interesting Facts about the Company, Their Products, and a few Personal Thoughts and Confessions About Hydro Flasks...


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Behind The Scenes Of Mana Foods "No Waste" Produce Department | Blog Content For Mana Foods

"No Waste and Proud of it! A Glimpse Behind the Scenes at Mana Foods Produce Department" 

Mana Foods produce department takes great strides to reduce departmental waste, and they are one of the very few companies who can honestly say that none of their department’s green waste is put into a landfill or the municipal waste system!

An article by Pueo Creations in conjunction with Mana Food's Produce Manager

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Overheard At Mana Foods Short Stories Series | Blog Content For Mana Foods

"Overheard At Mana and so Glad I Did" 

This is a blog series of short stories, created by Pueo Creations for Mana Foods, highlight a few of the interesting, and often hilarious daily occurrences that take place at Mana Foods!

This is the first story of this collection and link to the Mana Foods Blog, which is full of other goodies! Enjoy! 

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Marketing For Mana Foods: Online, In-House & Social Media Marketing

Pueo Creations is proud to run all of the In-House & Online Marketing For Mana Foods, Including Social Media Marketing, Blog Management, And Content Production ... Take a look at the variety of content that we create and manage for Mana Food!

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Pueo Creation's Portfolio : A List Of What We Love To Do & The Clients That We're So Grateful For

An Introduction to Our Portfolio ... This blog has been created to feature the clients and projects that define Pueo Creations Website Design & Marketing | Maui, Hawaii

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