Overheard At Mana Foods Short Stories Series Part Two | Blog Content For Mana Foods By Pueo Creations

"Overheard At Mana And So Glad I Did" This Is A Blog Series Of Short Stories That I Created To Highlight A Few Of The Interesting, And Often Hilarious, Daily Occurrences That Take Place At Mana Foods!

This second story of the series is short, to the point and definitely fits the profile. Enjoy and hopefully I can squeeze a laugh or two out of you on this Tuesday afternoon! 

There's A First Time For Everything 

I was about to enter Mana, when I noticed a man and a woman talking outside of the store. They exchanged a hug and the man said, "Wow! You look great, I've never seen you with your clothes on." I paused, and felt confused, but the only option was to walk on into the store. 


By Haley Ferguson in conjunction with Sunette Fenn | April 11th 2016 | Source : Mana Foods Blog