Overheard At Mana Foods Short Stories Series | Blog Content For Mana Foods

"Overheard At Mana and so Glad I Did" This is a blog series of short stories that I created to highlight a few of the interesting, and often hilarious, daily occurrences that take place at Mana Foods! Below is the first story of this collection and link to the Mana Foods Blog, which is full of other goodies! Enjoy! 


The checkout line at Mana Foods was long, and I was just about to pull out my phone to distract myself (lame, I know) when a conversation started between the two people in front of me.

“So great to be here isn’t it?” the woman directly in front of me said to the man in front of her.

“I just moved here,” she continued, confirming my initial thoughts. “What’s your name? Maybe I’ll see you around here again.”

What came next reminded me that I was amongst a crowd that you can only find at Mana Foods, and that you never need your phone to distract you here.

“I’m Tuesday, it’s great to meet you,” he said.


“What a wonderful name,” the woman said in all seriousness.  

The conversation continued as “normal” conversations tend to do.

The man beamed at her, “Thanks, yea, you know, I’ve been talking to a lot of people on the island, and the other day I met a Monday, and then just yesterday I met a Today!” he responded.

And, again in all seriousness, the woman responded with “wonderful!”

They both smiled and left the store, leaving me behind to marinate in the strange, but oh so normal Mana conversation that had just occurred.  

So, I laughed to myself and felt an incredible sense of gratitude for the woman, Tuesday, Monday and Today! 

by Haley Ferguson | March 22nd 2016 | Source: Mana Foods Blog