Local Maui Tours Site Is Live & Worth Checking Out!

So proud of my brother, Kellen, for getting his private Maui tour company, Local Maui Tours, up and running. And, with the website all finished up, the final pieces have been put into place, so cheers to that!

It was definitely a first for me, in regards to working so closely with a family member on a website, and I'm honored that Kellen decided to hire me.

As we all know, working with family can be one of the best experiences, and also sometimes the most challenging. The familial roles have been set in stone and solidified for many years, and attempting to seamlessly change a brother/sister relationship to a work relationship is definitely not the most intuitive or easy task. In the end though, I have to say that breaking through this challenge has been by far the most rewarding victory when it comes to my Pueo Creations career. And, I'm humbly proud of of how this site turned out, and honored to have my Pueo Creations name on Kellen's website!